Welcome to Blair Drummond Hall

Blair Drummond hall is set in the beautiful farm landscape of the Carse of Stirling, famous for its Timothy hay. The community has maintained a hall on this site since 1962 and it is an important venue for many local events.

It is located on the A84 approx 5 miles north east of Stirling. The postcode is FK9 4UX.

The current hall was opened in November 2005 after 5 years of fundraising by the Blair Drummond Community Hall Association.

Blair Drummond Hall serves the community of Blair Drummond which stretches from the Drip Bridge in the East (close to the City of Stirling), to almost Thornhill in the West  and from Bridge of Teith in the North, to almost Gargunnock in the South.

The hall is owned and run by the Blair Drummond community and is a popular venue for weddings, ceilidhs,family parties, meetings, sports classes and other social events.



We have been asked by Stirling Council and Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise to tell you about the following information:

The response from Stirling’s people during the Covid-19 situation has been amazing, with over 200 individuals, groups, third sector organisations or organisations coming forward to offer support to others so far. Stirling Council and Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise (SVE) will now start working closely with this network to support those most in need.

Support Requests

If you are vulnerable, or you know of somebody who is vulnerable, self-isolating and has no immediate support available:

Call 01786 404040

Email communitysupport@stirling.gov.uk

Please let us know who needs support, how to contact them by telephone and if they have any condition we need to know about.

They will be contacted and one of our Local Co-ordination Teams will look at the most appropriate way of getting support to them, through the local Community Response Groups, Third Sector organisations, a local volunteer or more formal support if they require it.

General information on local services is available on the Council website and advice on Covid-19 is available on the Government and NHS websites. People can still volunteer to support this effort through the www.investinstirling.com/key-sectors/volunteering site.


Stirling Council and Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise (SVE) are now asking volunteers and local community groups to register and be part of a co-ordinated response to the Covid-19 emergency. By volunteering you can make a big difference in your area and on a national level.

We are developing a recognised, formal Stirling area wide network to support those in need at a local level. By being part of a formal coordinated effort, our response will be stronger and safer for those vulnerable individuals and families needing support.

Stirling Council and SVE are fully tied in to the national volunteering agencies and their campaigns.

The www.investinstirling.com/key-sectors/volunteering site will allow community groups and individuals to register their interest, by registering you are helping us to provide co-ordinated support across the Stirling area.

Please register

  • As individuals who would be willing to become Befrienders, Volunteer drivers, Volunteers assisting with essential groceries and collecting prescriptions or to assist with food preparation for vulnerable people.

  • As local community groups who can organise a local response and provide assistance in their area. Individual members of groups need not register just a primary contact.

  • As third sector organisations who can support the collective effort or commit resources at a local level.

After registration, you will be contacted by a Local Co-ordination Team in your area. We will ensure that all volunteers’ health & wellbeing is protected by following all official guidelines related to the Covid-19 pandemic.




Our Grapevine newsletter delivery people have been putting notes through the doors of Blair Drummond residents whom we think might need assistance if they have to self-isolate.

If you know of someone who lives in Blair Drummond and that you think may fall into this category please email bdgrapevine@gmail.com with their name and address details and the Hall Committee will get in touch with them. Please mark your email as Strictly Confidential. We may have already been in touch with them but there may be the chance that a household has been inadvertently overlooked so your help with this is invaluable.

We will be putting notices on this Facebook page as well as our website www.blairdrummondhall.co.uk  to keep people up to date with what’s happening in the area with regards to openings, closures and assistance.

Please share this message with all your Blair Drummond friends and family on Facebook so that they can be kept up to date and know where to look for local information. If possible and you know of a household which doesn’t have Facebook access or internet access maybe you could print out any news for them and pop it through their letterbox.


Starting in January 2020 Yoga class on Thursday evenings at 7pm and after Easter holidays  Tuesday mornings at 10am.


TUESDAY       Yoga class 10am till 11am (after Easter holidays). £6/session for 6 week block or £7 drop-in session.  Contact Mary Ann at maryannptyoga@gmail.com

TUESDAY    Blair Drummond Youth Club.  7pm till 9pm. September to Easter holidays. Primary 6 upwards.

WEDNESDAY  Over 60s Fitness Class. 10am – 12.30pm Contact judith@activeinretirement.co.uk or  07734849257

WEDNESDAY  CoStep dance class at 7pm. For further information contact Mary on 07513046016 or  alldance@costep.co

THURSDAY     Yoga class at 7pm. See above for contact details

MONDAY 30th MARCH  Blair Drummond Blethers – Cancelled.

MONDAY 27th APRIL  Blair Drummond Blethers 12 noon till 2pm. Soup & sandwiches. Spring Surprise!

MONDAY 18th MAY  Blair Drummond Community Hall Association Committee Meeting at 7.30pm. All welcome

MONDAY 25th MAY  Blair Drummond Blethers 12 noon till 2pm. Soup & sandwiches. Talk by Anne Muirhead.

SATURDAY 6th JUNE Annual Family BBQ at Blair Drummond Safari Park from 6.30pm

TUESDAY 9th JUNE  Blair Drummond Community Hall Association AGM .7.30pm. All welcome.

MONDAY 29th JUNE  Blair Drummond Blethers 12 noon till 2pm. Soup & sandwiches.

MONDAY 27th JULY  Blair Drummond Blethers 12 noon till 2pm. Soup & sandwiches.

MONDAY 31st AUGUST  Blair Drummond Blethers 12 noon till 2pm. Soup & sandwiches. Chat afternoon.

MONDAY 28th SEPTEMBER  Blair Drummond Blethers 12 noon till 2pm. Soup & sandwiches. Bulb planting. Please bring your own container.

MONDAY 26th OCTOBER  Blair Drummond Blethers 12 noon till 2pm. Soup & sandwiches. Bring A Pal lunch.

For more information on these events go to the What’s On tab and look under Up Coming Events1

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